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Which adults should get vaccinated against mumps?

  • Adults born in 1957 or later who have not been vaccinated or have not had mumps.
  • College students, teachers, healthcare personnel, and international travelers are at increased risk for mumps.
  • Mumps is part of a combination vaccine called MMR that also protects against measles and rubella.
Did you know...
serious complications of mumps are more common among adults than children?

 What happens when someone gets mumps?

  • Symptoms of the mumps include low grade fever and swelling or tenderness in the salivary glands in the cheeks and under the jaw.
  • In males who have gone through puberty, two or three of every 10 will experience testicular pain and swelling.
  • Not everyone will have the typical symptoms; many infected people will just have respiratory symptoms without any swollen glands.

Why is mumps vaccine important?
  • Serious complications of mumps are more common among adults than children.
  • Rare complications caused by mumps include infections of the brain and spinal cord, arthritis, kidney and pancreas problems, deafness, and inflammation of the ovaries.

FAQ: Is mumps still a problem in the US?
 As recently as 2006 and 2009-10, the US experienced large mumps outbreaks. The ages affected by outbreaks can vary. In 2006, most cases were in people age 18 to 24; in 2009-2010, the majority was in adolescents age 11 to 17.