Pneumococcal Disease Calls to Action

NFID convened a task force of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and consumer educators representing more than 20 organizations to prioritize barriers to pneumococcal vaccination among US adults and identify solutions. Attendees discussed pneumococcal prevention barriers in specific patient populations and the roles that various HCPs can take to implement solutions. The following call to action documents are a result of these discussions:

Protecting Older Americans from Serious Pneumococcal Disease

Preventing Pneumococcal Disease in Adults with Chronic Conditions

Overcoming Disparities in Pneumococcal Disease Vaccination Among US Adults

Pneumococcal Vaccination Is Everyone's Responsibility: Roles of All Healthcare Professionals in Prevention Efforts

The following organizations served on or supported the pneumococcal disease task force and helped shape the content in the calls to action:


*Attended the 4/21/11 task force meeting