Pneumococcal Vaccination Resources

Pneumococcal disease is associated with substantial illness and death. It is estimated that about one million US adults get pneumococcal pneumonia each year, as many as 400,000 hospitalizations from pneumococcal pneumonia occur annually in the US, and about 5-7% of those who are hospitalized from it will die. The death rate is even higher in those age 65 years and older. 

Invasive pneumococcal disease, which includes meningitis and sepsis, is less common (tens of thousands of cases annually) but death rates are higher and can be 20-25% or more in those over the age of 65 years. Despite vaccination recommendations to help protect at-risk adults, vaccination rates remain low.

To help raise awareness about the burden of pneumococcal disease and the importance of prevention through vaccination, NFID has developed resources to educate healthcare professionals and consumers about the importance of pneumococcal prevention for adults most at-risk for the disease. The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), Association of Immunization Managers (AIM), and National Adult Immunization Coordinators Partnership (NAICP) Executive Committee provided insight and direction on resource development.

For Consumers:

At-a-Glance Fact Sheets for At-Risk Adults
Educates at-risk adults about the importance of pneumococcal vaccination: asthma, diabetes, heart, liverlung, and kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, and smokers as well as those with certain other medical conditions.

Fact Sheet
Provides an overview of the causes, symptoms, and prevention of pneumococcal disease.

Immunization Assessment Tool
Helps patients take an active role in understanding their risk for pneumococcal disease.

Reminds those age 65 years and older and adults age 19-64 years with certain risk factors to talk to their healthcare provider about pneumococcal and other recommended vaccinations.

Interactive Expert Q & A
Features answers from a panel of experts to commonly asked questions about pneumococcal disease.

Display in public health department offices, community venues, or HCP offices; encourages adults to ask about pneumococcal prevention.

Top Five Reasons for Adults to Get Vaccinated Against Pneumococcal Disease
Highlights the dangers of pneumococcal disease.

Which Vaccines Do I Need? (Adult Vaccination Tracker and Guide)
Helps adults understand which vaccines they need.

For Public Health and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs):

Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination Guide for HCPs
Outline of pneumococcal vaccination recommendations to aid in screening adult patients and assessing their pneumococcal vaccination needs.

At-a-Glance Fact Sheets by Risk Condition
Educates HCPs about the importance of vaccinating at-risk patients: asthma, diabetes, heart, liverlung, and kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, and smokers.

Call to Action: Preventing Pneumococcal Disease in US Adults with Chronic Conditions
Overview of pneumococcal vaccination recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for administering PCV13 and PPSV23 in people age 65 years and older and in adults age 19 to 64 years with risk factors such as diabetes, and heart, liver and kidney disease, among others. 

Disparities Information for Patients
Sample template language that can be incorporated into newsletters, emails, or other educational materials for African American, Hispanic, American Indian, and Alaska Native patients.

Fact Sheet for Immunizers
Overview of facts about pneumococcal disease and prevention in adults.

Newsletter Template
Customizable template for practice newsletters or websites.

Patient Fact Sheet and Addressing Common Questions about Pneumococcal Vaccination for Adults
Provides answers to common questions about pneumocococcal vaccination and an overview of the causes, symptoms, and prevention of pneumococcal disease.

Pneumococcal Vaccination Reimbursement Tip Sheet
Improperly coded bills can impact proper and timely payments. Use this document for easy reference.

Reminder e-Mail
Customizable email to remind patients to get vaccinated to protect against pneumococcal disease.

Waiting Room Poster
Hang in waiting or exam rooms to remind patients and staff to think about pneumococcal and other vaccines adults need to protect themselves.

Tools for Media & Social Media Outreach/Communications:

Social Media Content for Adult Pneumococcal Disease Awareness
Ready-to-use sample posts to educate consumer audiences about pneumococcal disease and vaccination recommendations.

Media Outreach Basics
Guidance for reaching out to print and online news outlets to encourage coverage about pneumococcal prevention.

Media Outreach Letter and Feature Article Template
Provides media with information about pneumococcal prevention and a pre-written article that can be customized for specific publications.

Newsletter/Web Article Template
Educates adults about pneumococcal disease and vaccination recommendations; includes a quote from NFID and a customizable quote.

Seasonal Newsletter/Web Article Template
Educates adults about pneumococcal disease and vaccination recommendations; includes a quote from NFID and a customizable quote.

Radio Public Service Announcements (PSA)
Features real people telling their stories about the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases and the importance of adult vaccination.

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